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There are numerous reasons why Georgia is the place to visit. First, this state is the perfect introduction to all the beautiful and fascinating things the South has to offer. Second, taking a trip to this state provides visitors with an opportunity to experience mesmerizing natural views, primeval wilderness, and places that boast of spectacular cultural significance, among other things.

Georgia is located in the southeastern region of the United States and is divided into 159 counties, with each one having its unique features. That means that this state has so many places to visit and so much to learn from locals. In addition, Georgia is among the best places to live within the United States, a fact that is evidenced by hundreds of thousands of new residents that move there every year.

Unlike big cities in other states across the country, Georgia boasts of clean air, excellent cuisine, and a laid-back culture that people usually fall in love with right away. In addition, this state has some of the most beautiful parks in the world where one can take a stroll and admire the mesmerizing beauty of nature. It also affords visitors a chance to experience a historical Georgia town.

For nature lovers, some of the places to visit in Georgia and have the experience of a lifetime include but are not limited to the Callaway Gardens, Stone Mountain Park, Amicalola Falls, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Chattahoochee National Forest, and Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

Georgia has a long musical legacy that is well-recognized for its early polyphony development. The Georgian polyphony has three vocal parts, a unique tuning system based on perfect fifths, and a harmonic structure rich in parallel fifths and dissonances. Georgia has produced three varieties of polyphony. There is a sophisticated version in Svaneti, a dialogue over a bass background in Kakheti, and a three-part partially improvisational version in western Georgia.

Georgian cuisine and wine have evolved, responding to changing traditions. Supra, or Georgian table, is one of the most unusual meal traditions and mingling with friends and family.

Visit the Oldest City in Georgia


Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and is referred to as the county seat of Chatham County. It sits on the Atlantic Coast, the eastern part of Georgia. And today, an industrial center and a critical Atlantic seaport state. It is Georgia’s fifth-largest city, with a population of 147,780.

Savannah is a quintessential city, considering its magic that draws millions of tourists yearly to its charming scenes. These magical scenes of Savannah include cobbled streets, Victorian architecture, leisurely pace, and moss-draped oaks.

Walking around cobbled streets allows tourists to have a magical experience of viewing historic sites and mansions. But, it also will enable tourists to glance at the mesmerizing beauty of enormous oak trees and lovely parks, Victorian homes, and essential memorials. These places have some unique, breathtaking features that you cannot express in words.

Factor’s Walk is another place that can be described as a tourist magnet, which is attributable to the fact that it is the favorite place for most tourists. Therefore, factor’s Walk is one of the places one should not fail to visit whenever in Savannah. It is located at the bluff’s level behind River Street, and it hosts a variety of cozy cafes, historic hotels, and unique shops.

Savannah City Market is another must-see attraction in the neighborhood! Meet some of the city’s up-and-coming artists, enjoy live music, tour the American Prohibition Museum, or dine at one of the city’s top restaurants. This fun-for-the-whole-family attraction has something for everyone! Knowing the perfect time to visit Savannah is essential for a more spectacular experience. According to people who frequent this lovely region, the best season to see Savannah is between March and July, when the warm climate and the vacationing experience are magical. However, this isn’t the only incentive to go during the specified time frame. The real explanation is that when the weather warms up, azalea and tree leaves awaken from their winter dormancy, creating a hypnotic and stunning sight. These are just some of why visiting Savannah is advised, but the list is not exhaustive.

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